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Programming your Yealink IP Phone

by Bryan on 05/08/15

Log into the phone

Get the IP address by hitting the "ok" or check button in the middle of the dial pad (up down left and right arrows)

login is

Line active = Enable
Label = Ext name
Display name = Ext name
Register name = Ext number
Username = Ext number
Password = 99mrt99

Server host = IP of phone system (ex.

Account > Advanced
Voicemail = *97

For T46G phones,
Line 6 = Transfer, 700, Park
Line 7 = BLF, 701, 701
Line 8 = BLF. 702, 702
Line 27 = Line, Default

For T41/42 phones,
Line 1 = Transfer, 700, Park
Line 2 = BLF, 701, 701
Line 3 = BLF, 702, 702
Line 16 = Account, Default

Features > Transfer
Transfer mode via DSS Key = Attended Transfer

Settings > Time & Date
Time zone = -5 United States
Time format = 12 hour


Programming a Speeddial Button On a ESI Phone

by Bryan on 05/07/15

If you want to add a button for another users ext or for someones phone number on your ESI phone first you Press and hold down the button you want to program until it starts to blink, then you enter the ext number or enter 9 + the phone number you want, then you press the button you are programming again and it will be saved.

Just Added Blog

by Bryan on 05/07/15

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