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 Traditional phone system a “True” IP
phones system or a Cloud/Hosted solution?Avaya, NEC, Panasonic, ESI and many other “big box” manufacturers are Traditional “hybrid” phone systems. A hybrid phone system is a system that supports digital phones (older technology) and IP (newer technology).
 In other words, rather than starting on a new platform, they took old technology and made it work with the new IP technology. Whereas “True” IP manufactures use an open source Software like Asterisk.

 I am not saying that NEC, Avaya or the other box companies mentioned above are not good 
products, they are. What I am trying to explain in this blog is the huge differences between a traditional box company and a “True” IP phone system powered by Asterisk.

 Our “true” IP solution, as opposed to the traditional “box” solution:
Unlimited extensions: As you grow, and add phones or phone lines, you will not need to purchase additional hardware, like cards, with “big box” manufacturers , you will need to purchase cards and licenses. (will be very costly as you grow the phone system).

 Unlimited Auto Attendants:
You can setup as many auto attendant trees (press 1 for this, press, 2 for that) as you want, this future proofs your investment.

 Unlimited extension groups:
You can setup as many different ring configurations (also known as hunt groups or departments) as you need. Because there are no limitations, you can truly customize your system for your present and future needs.

 Voice Mail:
If you look at a “big box” manufacturer’s quote, you will see a spec called “voice mail ports” and “record time”. For example, a “big box” manufacturer’s quote would show a 4 port voice mail with 15 hours of record time. What that means, only 4 people can be in voice mail at the same time. In other words, if 4 people are checking their voice mail and someone calls into your auto attendant, they will get a ring no answer until a port becomes available. Also, 15 hours of record time is very weak. With all the current users and the future growth of users, you will run out of storage, “big box” manufacturers do make a larger voice mails (very costly). Although their larger voice mails are better, they still do not compare to a “True IP” voice mail.

 Our “True IP” voice mail has no “port” limitations, In other words, 20 people, 50 people or 1000 people can be in the voice mail at the same time. Also, there is virtually no limitation on the amount of calls that can be answered by the auto attendant. Also, our system can handle thousands of hours of record time. This is a huge difference and again, helps “future Proof” your investment.

 Voice Mail to Email:
Although most “box” companies have this feature, with our “True IP” voice mail this feature free and there are no license fees associated with it. With our “True IP solution”, you can get a text when you have a new message in your voice mail.

 Auto Call Recording:
This feature allows, you to automatically record every call that is received or made. This is built in and is included at no additional charge. Traditional “big box” manufacturers require an additional very expensive server to accomplish this. Do not confuse “Auto Call Record” with” manual call record”. Almost all “box” companies have “Manual Call Record. The big difference is you need to push a button to record a call. The advantage of “Auto Call Record” is you can’t forget to push a button and the recordings are there for future use (checking how your people are handling your customers, or if a customer says “He said, she said”).This feature is priceless and if not used now, it will be available to you in the future. Again, this helps “future Proof” your investment.

 Remote extensions outside your office:
You have three choices for this feature, “big box” manufacturers charge for cards, special phones and license fees. With our “True IP” system there is no additional hardware, licenses or special phones needed.

1- Phone at a remote office or at a home (only requires a phone)

2- Softphone on a laptop (software is free and no license fee)

3- An APP for your smartphone (APP is free, many to choose from at Google Play or ITunes, no license fee)

Conference Bridge/Server:
Most “big box” manufacturers have this feature as a costly option; our “True IP” solution includes this at no additional charge and is built in. A conference bridge allows you to set up a time and date to invite people to call into your system for a group conference call. An example of that is: You send an email, stating at 5pm on July 5th please call (you provide an extension or phone number) when prompted for a pin number, enter 1234. When they do such, they will be prompted to say their name and then they are announced in the bridge. You as the admin, can mute people or kick them out. If you would like to see how this works, call our office and I will demonstrate how powerful this feature is.

Web Based Administration and User Administration:

Unlike the “box companies” our solution does not use proprietary software (Any Web based Browser can be used) to administrate, program, view voice mails or change your personal or global settings. And again no license fee for such.

SQL Data Base Integration:

In the future, or possibly now, you may want to integrate your phone system with the software you use to run your company. Simple examples of this would be doing a calling campaign where your software for your business exports its data base to call you clients. Or, you may want to capture information on incoming calls and send it to your database. With our solution, you will not need any additional hardware to do this. “Big box” manufacturers require additional hardware and license fees. Although no hardware or software is needed for this, to set this up requires additional labor costs. 
Most phone systems can integrate to Act, Or Sales Force CRMs, Our solution can integrate to any 

 SQL software. Again this benefit “future proofs” your investment. 

 Microsoft Integration/ Linux:
Our solution seamlessly integrates with all Microsoft and Linux Solutions, most “big box” 
manufacturers do not.

 Phone Instruments:
The actual phone instrument we use very different than “big box” manufacturers, other than the apparent differences (larger display, color display, more buttons for easier use and HD speaker phone). What is most important is that “ True IP” phones are not proprietary to the phone system; they are “True IP” phones and can be used on hundreds of different “True IP” systems. “Big box” manufacturers only have three or so choices in phone instruments. With our “True IP” solution you have hundreds of choices of phones to use. We prefer using the YeaLink phones because of cost, functionality and ease of use. But with that said, new models of these phones come out daily. With our solution in the future and now you have many choices. Again, this helps “future proof” your investment.

 Our Cloud/Hosted solution is identical to our Premise Based “True IP” Solution. We use the same phones and offer the same features. The basic difference is rather than have a server onsite, the server is in the “Cloud”. The biggest advantage to a “Cloud/Hosted” solution is disaster recovery. 

Please call so we can explain in more detail.